Bumps to Babies Photography
Jessica Chapman

Jessica Chapman, Photographer/Owner


After being inspired by the work a fellow high school classmate
who does birth photography, I realized that it was now finally
time for me to pursue my creative passions, and that "birth story"
photography was ther perfect niche to get into!

While I will also work to enhance my portfolio in different areas
of photography, I am excited to be offering artistic maternity,
labor and delivery, and newborn photography in the Chicago area.
I do understand that the concept of having professional photography
done for labor and delivery is new to many, but I truly believe
that this can be a wonderful opportunity for you to have the birth
of your child documented in a discreet, yet memorable way so that
you can look back on the photos and see all those tender and
wonderful moments you may miss in the whirlwind of all that is
going on.

Professional photography during your labor and delivery also
enables your spouse to remain focused on their role of supporting
you during this important time, and takes away the distraction and
need for them to be pulling out the camera, so that you can both
be in the moment.

Every woman's labor and delivery is different, and I have sincere
respect for the intimacy of the birth process. Your birth experience
will be yours and yours alone, and it is my hope and desire that
you choose to have this important event captured so you and
your child will have a memorable collection of photographic
keepsakes to cherish for years to come!


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